About the Client

ICON Plc is a global Clinical Research Organisation with bases in 38 countries and over 7,100 employees.

The Challenge

ICON had grown to a point where they had a large number of disparate websites representing the company's various business divisions. Lack of an overall brand and multiple websites presented a user experience that lacked coherence. ICON decided to conduct a complete overhaul of its corporate website in an effort to present key audiences with a single, integrated source of information about ICON's range of services.

Our Solution

The new ICON plc website delivers a highly intuitive navigation structure that has been specifically developed to allow users from any stage of the clinical trial process to access the information they require in an easy to use manner. The site design is clean, progressive and reflects the high quality values of the company. A significant amount of user interactivity has been developed to allow users contact ICON divisions globally, access the latest news feeds, apply for a position within the company and review the latest NASDAQ stock information.

How We Did It

  • Four month discovery phase to gain buy in from all stakeholders.
  • Simplified navigation and content design.
  • Progressive and strong corporate design built in Roxen CMS.
ICON PLC desktop version

Services Provided

  • Research
  • Design
  • Development
  • Roxen CMS