About the Client

Fine Gael is the single largest party in Ireland in the Oireachtas, in local government, and in terms of Members of the European Parliament. The party has a membership of over 35,000 and is presently the senior partner governing in a coalition with the Labour Party.

The Challenge

We were tasked with creating an end to end digital solution for Fine Gael incorporating best in class design and social integration, delivered on a robust and secure platform that is both extensible and easily maintained. This phased approach has already seen the delivery of a very successful website.

Our Solution

We worked closely with Fine Gael to ensure the site has the appropriate tone, the appropriate levels of functionality and, most importantly, that they could scale and grow into the future. Future plans for the site include additional general content, multimedia content, apps and social media integration.

Campaign 2012

Based on the brief we received we conceived a 3 level solution; microsite, Facebook application, and full monitoring to allow us to proactively respond to voter sentiment.

The microsite was created using bespoke animations and a new technology called parallax scrolling, which allowed voters to engage, interactively, with the major themes of the Treaty (Investment, Stability & Recovery). The parallax scroll ended on a “Why Ireland Should Vote Yes”� logo wall, each logo representing organisations and companies supporting a Yes. Mousing over a logo activated a video from each supporter calling for a Yes.

The Facebook Application was driven by video interactions between ordinary voters and the people they have elected to represent them. Voters could submit a question, questions would in turn be addressed by a relevant minister or TD.

Finally we provided a full live monitoring solution allowing us to effectively fine tune the display campaign on Ireland's most heavily trafficked sites.

How We Did It

  • Agreed a phased launch plan.
  • Developed a design that set the appropriate tone for the party.
  • Incorporated the design into a new CMS so Fine Gael can manage internally.
Fine Gael tablet version

Services Provided

  • Digital Strategy
  • Research
  • Design
  • Development
  • CMS